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 Welcome to my website.

I live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Great place! Whenever my mate and I have been out of town, on our way back into town we always observe how lucky we are to live here. The Okanagan Valley is a very pretty place indeed.
Iím a bit of a computer tech guy, having set up Williamís BBS back in the 1980ís! Wow Ė ancient history that is when I think about it. Those were the days of fidonet, signet, and echomail. Iím a former competitive IPSC shooter, former lawyer and process server, ham (amateur) radio operator (ve7wjm) level 3 first aid attendant, class 1 driver, certified heavy equipment operator, lots of things! At this point in life I'm working in the construction industry as a first aid/safety man and field engineer. You can link from here to some other pages, including:

Building your own gym Stuff including a lat pulldown machine, roman chair, and dumbell racks (the link is at the top of this page)

My blog, yep, entitled Williamís Blog, is located to the left
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Home brewing stir stick for electric drill
Home Brewing stir stick project