How to make your own home brewing stir stick for use with your electric drill
For those of you that are home wine makers, beer makers, or home brewers generally, you've no doubt experienced the tedium of stiring. Wine making in particular requires a lot of stirring at the different stages so as to de-gas the wine. Sure, you can do it by hand, but it takes forever, and if you don't do it long enough and vigorously enough, you'll have bubbly wine, which may seem fun at first, but soon pales. I had made a stir stick out of a plastic coat hanger previously, and would attach it to my power drill. It had some flex to it, so I could get it in the neck of the carboy. I just didn't feel that it did the best job possible. I'd read of another idea involing stick and thought I'd try it out.
Step 1: acquire a wooden doweling that is 3/8's of an inch thick. You can use other sizes but make sure that it can fit in your drill. You can get these at This doweling should be cut to 21 inches in length.
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