How to make your own home brewing stir stick for use with your electric drill - page 2
Step 2: Use a 9/64th drill bit, and drill out about 6 holes in the doweling. These holes should be about 1 inch apart, starting one inch from the end of the doweling.

Step 3: Acquire some .80 width weedeater line. You can get this at as well.

Step 4: slide 8 inch long pieces of weedeater line into the holes that you drilled previously. Slide them in until there is an equal length weedeater line sticking out on each side.

Step 5: Take some toothpicks, and slide them into the holes that your drilled, so as to take up the space that is left around the weedeater line. It is important to really stick these in solidly. they are what hold the line in place.

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