How to make your own home brewing stir stick for use with your electric drill - page 3
Step 6: Once the toothpicks are in really tight, take the stick, and put the end with the holes in it into a bucket of water, or a filled sink. The goal is to have the toothpicks swell up. This makes them really tight, and the line won't become loose.

Step 7: Drill! Insert the end of the doweling that does not have the weedeater cord in it into your drill, tighten up the drill chuck, and then insert the end of the stick that has the weedeater line into your carboy. Set your drill to a low speed, and have a go. You may wish to set your drill to high speed later, but give it a minute, and see how well this thing works first. It works like a charm!

Step 8: Cleaning instructions: Put the entire thing on the top shelf of your dishwasher, and run it through with everything else. Note that this is the reason not to have it any longer than about 21 inches.
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