William J. Mastop's qualifications
Profile: I am a 49 year old worker with a broad range of skills and experience. I am looking for work as a Heavy Equipment Operator. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. Iím fit, I have never had a compensation claim, and I work well with others. I enjoy work and look forward to it. I am a valuable asset to any team. I am very reliable.

Skills and Experience:
. Interior Heavy Equipment Graduate. I paid for this course myself, and am now certified on Excavator, Articulated Rock Truck, Bulldozer, Front End Loader, Rubber Tire Backhoe and Grader.
. Mechanically handy and comfortable with machinery. I donít just run it, I care about my equipment and look after it..
. Broad range of experience and skills Ė I can read and understand manuals and legislation, and can look beyond my role in a project. Iím handy with power tools or a book, and can put in new plumbing and electrical to the camp cook shack while waiting for a parts delivery. I can also help out on drafting applications for licences or other approval, or help out the mechanic in putting things back together. I never just sit and wait and I'm not afraid to get off my machine.
                   I am a very versatile employee. I have lived and worked in remote environments in tough conditions and I have experience working continuously for 40 hours and more in rough weather. I am ready to go where you need me.
 I stick with it. I donít quit or back off, even in the toughest situations. Iím a guy you can count on to show up, and do what he says he will. I won't give you reasons why I'm late for work or not there, I will be there, early and working.
. I have operated my own businesses, and worked in partnerships, and have also worked at the very lowest level of larger operations. I am a guy who can intelligently contribute to cost/benefit discussions about the project, and climb into the sewer truck to shovel out whatís stuck. I take direction well and approach every project, no matter how small, with enthusiasm.
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