The Turbo “N”

Some of you may have heard of a turbo. It’s a part that attaches to an engine that has the effect of forcing more air into the engine. This improves the combustion process, and gives the engine more power than it otherwise would have. Turbo’s are very common on diesel engines. I have learned however of a new and much simpler version of the turbo. This particular turbo is comprised of an “N” on a green magnetic sticker, and is applied to the back of cars driven by those drivers in British Columbia who are part of the graduated drivers licensing program. It is required in BC that those drivers, usually young drivers in their first year or two of driving, must affix this magnetic decal to the back of the vehicles they are driving. What I have observed is a true wonder of modern mechanical engineering. As soon as this N is applied, the vehicle now travels faster, faster usually than the surrounding traffic. It appears that this tiny bit of magnetic material greatly increases the power output, making it near impossible to keep the vehicle at a speed anywhere near approximating the speed limit.

The Turbo N can be applied to any kind of motorized vehicle, requires a very small initial investment, and seems to function very reliably.