An unpresidential funeral

I’m watching part of the funeral service for former president George HW Bush.   There was a heck of a lot of people there, and a lot of speakers.  They spoke about his integrity, his ability to put people before himself, his accomplishments while in office….   I frankly had not a lot of interest in politics while George HW Bush was in office, but I’ve been pretty interested in politics while Donald Trump has been in office.  I thought that it was pretty likely, absent my fellow motorists running over me, that I would see the funeral of president Donald Trump in my lifetime.   He’s in his 70’s, I’m in my 50’s, so there’s a good chance.  What would that service look like?….

Well… It could start with a statement like:

He was the most popular president ever, you could tell by the fact that there were more people at his inauguration ceremony that at any other such ceremony in the history of the United States.   (the crowd gives a little chuckle)

Then….  He was a president who got more work done while in office than any other president of the United States in history (just like when he spoke at the UN, the crowd gets a pretty good laugh out of that)

we’re not done yet…  He was a man of truth  (okay, they’re falling off their church benches now…)

a little more…  A man of integrity (the whole “we have alternative facts” jumps up, and the crowd is actually falling off their benches)

it just doesn’t stop..  A man for the people (all of the people in the United States who have the slightest respect for their heritage as those who came to the United States as immigrants spit on the floor)

I can’t quit!!   A man of equality (President “Grab them by the Pussy” Donald Trump stands out front on this point always, but watch where his hand might go)

I really wish I could quit!  A man of peace, who brought peace to the North Korean situation (though he did more than anyone else ever had to bring that to a peak, potentially bringing on an idiotic war that would have had huge effect on asia, as always never in the USA back yard)

I think that president T’s funeral will be very well attended.  They’ll be lining up to make sure that he’s dead.  The largest part of the gathering will be those workers that he screwed in his multiple bankruptcies.  Those guys are working guys and little companies that didn’t get paid though they did the work.    After that will be the many people screwed over by policies that he put into place but didn’t understand (tariffs generally- it’s the American people that pay for them).. and then, the people of the United States who came from “immigrant stock”.   Wow, other than people of actual native american heritage, that’s a lot of americans, all of whom should be pissed at being labelled as “murderers, and rapists, and some of them are nice people” (that’s a pretty rough quote there, but I don’t think I’m doing injustice to his comments).    President Donald Trump’s funeral should be very attended indeed,,,, it’ll be a top quality comedy show.

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