Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe – a flashback to grade school

I’m watching the wrap up of the Premiers conference. It’s a panel interview with them fielding questions from the press. One of them stood out to such an extent I had to send him a letter. Premier Scott Moe of Saskatchewan really attracted my attention, so I wrote him:

I have just been watching the television coverage of the wrap up of the premiers conference, and in particular the question and answer session. I cannot begin to tell you how dismissive of the other premiers you appear to be when you are spinning your pen on the table while they are speaking. It conveys a dismissive and disinterested attitude that is wholly unwarranted and unacceptable. You persisted in this activity for some time, and embarrassed yourself and your office. Might I suggest that in future you place your hands in your lap?
Thank you

I really would have thought that someone in that office would have been beyond this.

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