What is White Pride?

White pride  =  White Fear  — > White cowardice

I have been disturbed and saddened to see what seems to be an increase in the noise made by groups claiming “white pride” as a motivator.   From neo nazi groups like Blood&Honour (gutless and without honour) to the Soldiers of Odin,  (Soldiers of nothing), these groups seem to be gaining some traction.   Or are they just better able to attract attention due to the internet and the speed of news today?  Either way, it seems that their message seems more available.     It is encouraging to see that when these urchins do climb out from under the rock they are greeted with more noise from those opposed to them than they can stand, and hence they retreat.   That’s good, but what about the concept they espouse?  What about White Pride?  Shouldn’t that be a good thing?  Something that white people should feel?     I’ve had the chance to talk to some “White Pride” or “White Power” types, and what I’ve seen in those conversations is everything except pride or power.  What I see is just plain fear.   The lead in to these comments is invariably predicated on comments like; “there’s more of them than us”, or “they’re taking over”or “you coudn’t even see a white face”.  To this I think we have to ask, what’s wrong with there being more of them than us?  Lets dissect that phrase a little while we are are.  Who are “them”?  Is that anyone who looks a bit different than I might look?  Is it only people who look a bit different and speak differently?  Is it people that have a different point of view or belief structure than I do?  Then lets looks at who are the “us”.   People like you and I, the speakers in the conversation?   How do we get to that being an “us”?  Again, is it because we look the same, kind of??  That we have the same background?   That’s a stretch.  If you’re saying this to me, it’s extremely unlikely that we have the same background, because I think what you’re saying is obnoxious as he**.   It’s a comment driven by a false (and needy) sense of “we” that’s driven by appearance, as against a they who happen to look different.  The comments referred to above all carry with them a belief by the declarant that their world should somehow stay white looking.  Why?    The whole basis of that why is driven by fear.  That’s white fear.   It’s not white power, it’s straight up fear that the speaker might be in a minority.   What’s wrong with being in a minority?  On what basis can you say that’s a bad thing?  Fear.  That’s the only basis.  White fear.

Where does white fear take us?    It’s lately seemed to take us a long way to White Cowardice.  By way of example, there’s the attack by the dull wit in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He arms himself with multiple weapons, and goes to a place of worship, at a time of worship, and surprises people, and shoots them.   That’s the most cowardly darn thing I can think of.   Wow, you couldn’t get a lot more cowardly without going to a day care.  Sneaking up on someone when you’re heavily armed is not soldier like, it’s not blood and honour, it’s gutless and without honour.  Over and over this kind of crap, both armed and unarmed, involves attacks by someone who has weapons, or buddies with them, or just size, against someone who is caught unaware and lacking in weapons, buddies, or size.   It’s never a fair fight, it’s always, every time, a cowardly approach.  It’s gutless and without honour, and soldierly of nothing.  Power is about having the strength to be secure in yourself, confident in your ability and strength.  An absence of power, weakness, is reflected in the need to run around shouting about power, and making comments like “they’re taking over”.  It’s weak, and frankly embarrassing.

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