Home based informers?

I’m reading an article on Castanet.net, my local online news service, (the article is located at http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-135678-4-.htm#135678) about a youth in Alberta who is charged with “terrorism related” offences. In that article, there’s a quote:

“RCMP spokesman Sgt. Harold Pfleiderer said the force’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team handled the arrest. The team was established last year to simplify and streamline the collection, sharing and analysis of intelligence on potential threats to national security.
He said the investigation focused on safety and protection of the public. He would not provide more details.
“While it may be difficult for parents to come forward to the police, it is important for families and communities to contact police as soon as they suspect that an individual is being radicalized,” said Pfleiderer.””

I am astounded when I read this. To me the idea of informing on one’s family members is reminiscent of something out of Nazi Germany. Let us be very clear on this point, Sgt Harold Pfleiderer and the “Integrated National Security Enforcement Team” is in the business of prosecution. They are not about helping the person who’s become “radicalized”. What is “radicalized” in any case? Is that an all or nothing state or?? The good Sgt. and the team are about building a case and looking for the foundations for a conviction. They surely are not about looking into counselling or providing said family member with alternate viewpoints.

Now, I’m not suggesting that one stand idly by while one’s loved one heads off to the World Trade Centre with a trunk full of explosives, but there’s a broad range of view before we get quite to that point, and I don’t think I’d be phoning the “team” much before that.

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