Is it just me? London Drugs? What happened?

So on friday I go into London Drugs in Vernon.  It’s a good store, or I’ve always thought so, and I’m there to get a TV.   My TV broke, and Claire wants to get another TV.  So do I, but I’m not exactly a person of means these days!  In any case, we go to London Drugs to get a TV that is on sale and is listed in the flyer that just came out.  It’s the first day of the sale.   We ask for the TV referred to in the flyer, and we’re told they don’t have any, none came off the truck.     This is disappointing, but the sales fellow very helpfully checks to see if any other stores have some.  They do!  Great!, how long till it’s here?   The answer… a week?  Yep, a week.  I’m not living in the wilderness here, the nearest other London Drugs store is about 45 kilometres down the road.   Okay, we are willing to go pick it up.  The salesman very helpfully calls the Kelowna store, and arranges for one to be held for us.  Great service, thank you!  But…. why doesn’t the store have one of the TV’s that is in the flyer?   I ask to purchase the floor model of the on sale item, it looks to be in good shape (I’m looking for a price reduction as it’s not in a box and has been running for who knows how long), but I’m told he can’t make that arrangement.     Alright, we’re set.  We’ll go on sunday.

Sunday comes….  we get to the store, and they have the TV.  Fantastic.  That transaction goes well.  But… (why is there always a but??)   I’m also wanting an extended phone cord.  About 15 feet or so.  I go to that department, and there’s a spot for 6 foot ones, and a spot for 12 foot ones, both well populated with stock, but the spots for the next two sizes up are completely empty.   What?  There was a run on long phone cords on this particular day?  This seems unlikely.  When I encounter stores with a lot of empty spots where stock is supposed to be I become concerned about what’s going on at that store.   A big part of what lures me to brick and mortar stores (instead of the at home easy shopping bonus of ebay!) is the availability of the item right then, not later, not when it comes in, but right now.  When that’ not there, as it was not on two shopping inquiries most recently with London Drugs, I’m left wondering..  What happened??  But…..

Yes, there’s really another but!   A few days later I drop by London Drugs to return a battery.   I’d been by to get one for my mom’s telephone.  The clerk was very helpful, but the battery that we thought would work didn’t fit.  Don’t get me wrong here, the sales clerk did a great job, excellent customer service, but I had to return the thing.  I was okay with that.  On entering the Vernon store, I saw a large sign over a counter, saying “returns and exchanges, customer service”.  It’s a really big sign.  I get in line behind someone who seems to be purchasing all their groceries for the month.   That’s okay.  Then I get to the counter, and say I want to return something.  The clerk looks at me, looks at the item, and says “you go to electornics for that”.  I say “I want to return it.”  She says “you go to electronics for that”.   Why the heck did I just stand in a line under the sign that says returns and exchanges??  I dunno, maybe I just don’t get these things.

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