Odd advertising practices of Vernon Restaurants

So on August 18, 2014 I was down on Kal Lake Road in Vernon, BC , and wanted to order some pizza.   I of course consider Uncle Dave’s pizzeria, which is located on Kal Lake Road.  I go online to have a look at their menu, and I can’t.  I can’t even find a website, let alone a menu.   I look online at tripadvisor.ca (a great site that I use a lot) and see some good reviews for a place called Margheritas Pizza.  Again I’m interested, and click on a link for their website.  It seems that their website no longer exists, or perhaps never did?   It’s pizza, it’s an order it to your home sort of thing, and yet there’s no online presence at all?   I’m pretty sure that they have access to the internet from the shop, or at least have personal web access accounts, why not set something up through those?  I dunno, just seems a bit odd.

Finally I order from Uncle Dave’s – Two “meat Eaters”.   45 Minutes later, only one shows up.  I was very clear when I ordered, I wanted two, not one, two…      Sigh.  By this time I’m a bit frustrated, and refuse the order.

I decide to order from Jim’s Pizza http://jimsplacepizza.com/  (which is further away, but has a good web presence, and I’ve ordered from them before – it arrives (both pizza’s!) in about 35 minutes.  Thanks guys!

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