Public Washrooms – what is the attraction?

I’m at Save on Foods in Vernon, doing some grocery shopping.  I kind of like grocery shopping.  It helps get some meal ideas going, gets me out amongst people, it’s a good activity.    I’m finding that I need to use the washroom, and no, it’s not just to wash my hands.    Now I don’t know about you, but I usually do not think all that favourably about public washrooms.  They are often dirty, unkept, but it’s the people that drive me over the edge!  Yes, it’s the people that drive me over the edge.   The ones that use the public washrooms I mean!

How about the guy at the Provincial Campground that was sitting in the only stall, with a little boy waiting outside (who was looking more and more distressed to use the washroom) and me, while he..   yep, was reading the newspaper.   How do I know he was reading the newspaper?   I looked through the little gaps in the panneling.   What!  Great Scott, you peeked?  Yes, you’re darn right I did, and I saw this perfect twit sitting on the only stall reading the newpaper,while people are lining up to use it.   (Okay, he’d didn’t get to sit there for much longer at all, but the point is that he was doing it!)

And then there’s the guy at the gas station.  I agree, gas stations are just the worst, but if you gotta go that’s how it is.  I wait at the door, and wait, and wait and then I start pounding on the door.   If I’m standing outside in a state of extreme discomfort I’ll be darned if I’m having someone sit in a state of comfort on the other side of the wall.   After a lot of pounding, this urchin walks out.   He`s in another world, but he`s out.  I`m desperate, and there`s no time for chat, so I charge straight in, and there`s blood.  Yeah.. blood, dude`s been shooting up.   You complete a**, you`re getting high to feel good, or feel better, or whatever, (doing a thing you choose) while I`m a prisoner of my own innards standing outside that stupid door waiting for you?!?  I’d really rather that he ws doing his thing at the park bench rather than hogging the only washroom available.   I think perhaps using the washroom is about the most self centred thing that people ever do.  You may be the brightest person in the world, but if you’re needing to pee, you have one thought, and one thought only… I’ve gotta go!

I digress, what about my experience at the Vernon Save On Foods Washroom?  Well, I made my way to the far end of the store, really having by this point an urgency to attend to the washroom and…. it was signed as “Out of Order”.   That’s the guys door.   I try to be resourceful, and look to the Women’s door.  I beleive that women have a number of the same bodily functions that I may have.    AND…’s signed…. “Out of Order”.     I look around, and there’s not a soul, not a person or any stripe or description, moving in the area.    Cripes guys, you’re running a business where a thousand plus people a day come in your doors.   Every single one of them has various bodily functions that are percolating away, and both of your bathrooms are out of order??  When my bathroom at home goes “out of order”  I get on it immediately.  I fix it.   Have you ever been to someone’s house and been told the bathroom is out of order?   Are you kidding me??  FIX IT!!!  There’s really not that many things you can do to fix a bathroom, and all are pretty readily accessible to the most untrained of persons.    Leave a plunger near the door and I’ll fix it for heaven’s sake!

I don’t know when someone fixed the washrooms at Save On Foods ..  I really couldn’t stand around, and… I had to go

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