Royal Bank of Canada Customer Service – A new corporate priority


Hmm, after a near 40 year relationship with the Royal Bank of Canada, I receive a letter from them saying (short version) a banking relationship requires trust on both sides, and we no longer feel that trust both ways. They cancel all my accounts and credit.
I’ve never, to the best of my knowledge, done anything inappropriate in my banking. This letter comes out of the blue, with no prior issues of any kind with the Royal Bank of Canada or any other bank. As one can expect, I write to them, and ask them why they take such a view. What pray tell is their reply?    It is …… we don’t have to tell you…. yep…. we don’t have to tell you. Sure, I allow that as a matter of law they don’t have to tell me, but as a matter of basic human conduct it’s the decent thing to do. It’s been almost 40 years! I recall as a little boy taking my piggy bank there with my parents and grandparents to open my first bank account. I was so very proud as a little fellow. I didn’t hold it against them when they commingled my account with my dad’s account, even though our names are spelled quite differently. I had dealt with them for my entire life. I write to them and tell them that we’ve dealt with each other for life, and that a basic courtesy is to tell me why they no longer wish to do business, and why they don’t they want to maintain that relationship, and their reply is in the nature of . … we don’t have to tell you. I go to the banking ombudsman, again looking only for a reason for this decision, and get the same reply … They don’t have to tell you. I can allow that this is so. Fair enough as a matter of law you don’t have to tell anyone what your reason is for any business action, but as a matter of practise, well, I would have thought after 40 years you’d have the courtesy to at least be fair, which includes being up front about what your issue is. nice job guys. RBC sucks.

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