Maxime Bernier is outright mean

It’s 2019.09.15.  The federal election is on.  I’m not a member of any party.  I don’t get paid by any party.   I don’t like a lot of aspects of party politics.  BUT, I do pay attention to what the politicians say, and sometimes, it’s no go.

Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old girl who has managed to capture the world stage with a number of climate change pronouncements.  I don’t know if she’s right.   Climate change seems to be an undeniable fact at this point.  I was a pretty slow adopter.  Chicken Little and the sky is falling doesn’t call out to me a lot, but when the vast majority of modern day science is shouting “stop doing what you’re doing!” it’s a good idea to at least look long and hard at what you’re doing.   I have, and I have seen that a lot of what we are doing is not sustainable over the longer term.   Enter now Maxime Bernier, of the peoples party of canada.  (I didn’t add capitals to that, deliberately.)   I’m not a political guy, but when an adult male who is presumably educated, says:

4/ is clearly mentally unstable. Not only autistic, but obsessive-compulsive, eating disorder, depression and lethargy, and she lives in a constant state of fear.

Well, that’s low.  That dirty.  That’s wrong.  She’s 16 years old you &..*.   Who the heck are you to take a low blow at a 16 year old girl??  Take a shot at her arguments sure, but don’t be calling her names, and don’t be throwing some kind of blame at her for challenges she might face.  Deal with the issues, don’t attack the person, and most of all you sack of XXyz, don’t attack a child.

A peoples party of Canada volunteer came to our door today.  She’s a nice lady, and I appreciate the challenges of going door to door.  It’s tough, and a lot of people can be pretty rude.  I tried to be pretty nice to her, but did say that given Maxime’s comments about Greta, I wouldn’t be voting for them.  Her reply, and I’ve heard this on the news, is that Maxime believes that Greta is a puppet of the climate change movement.   Okay, I appreciate this concern.   But to call a 16 year old girl mentally unstable??  wow!   To throw around the other labels in an effort to smear her???  Really??   Not in my Prime Minister.