The Turbo “N”

Some of you may have heard of a turbo. It’s a part that attaches to an engine that has the effect of forcing more air into the engine. This improves the combustion process, and gives the engine more power than it otherwise would have. Turbo’s are very common on diesel engines. I have learned however of a new and much simpler version of the turbo. This particular turbo is comprised of an “N” on a green magnetic sticker, and is applied to the back of cars driven by those drivers in British Columbia who are part of the graduated drivers licensing program. It is required in BC that those drivers, usually young drivers in their first year or two of driving, must affix this magnetic decal to the back of the vehicles they are driving. What I have observed is a true wonder of modern mechanical engineering. As soon as this N is applied, the vehicle now travels faster, faster usually than the surrounding traffic. It appears that this tiny bit of magnetic material greatly increases the power output, making it near impossible to keep the vehicle at a speed anywhere near approximating the speed limit.

The Turbo N can be applied to any kind of motorized vehicle, requires a very small initial investment, and seems to function very reliably.

Appeal of conviction or sentence and bail pending appeal… dodging the bullet

As I write this it's early on July 25, 2015. Yesterday Benjamin Monty Robinson, an (he's also called Ben Robinson or Monty Robinson)) RCMP officer, was sentenced to two years less a day in jail. He immediately filed an appeal, and I believe sought bail pending the hearing of the appeal. I've heard members of the publc comment about these bail orders pending appeals, the thought being that the accused is dodging the bullet, effectively avoiding their punishment by using the delays in the legal system. I have some long experience in these matters, both when I was practising, and since then, and have spoken to many persons indeed who have gone through this very process. I can say with certainty that rather than bail during either the initial process or the appeal serving to avoid the punishment, it in fact prolongs it, and extracts a very slow bleed that absolutely never stops. There is for the accused that constant hovering of the matter, never being free of it. The whole process comes to permeate almost every aspect of life. Even at those moments where times are good there is a half a breath away thoughts of what's going to happen next, when is this going to end, what will happen to me when it does end, will it ever end, how will my family be affected, how will I be affected, why did I do whatever it was that I did, how am I being branded with what I didn't do..... the chain of thought is endless, and rarely is it of a beneficial nature. It's distructive thinking, and it goes on and on, day and night. It never ever stops, even while one sleeps. With a great deal of effort and practise these thoughts can be tamed, but they don't ever disappear, and they are never far from the surface. The bail process is not one of freedom, not at all, including bail pending appeal. It's a sword hanging over one's head, with an absolutely constant reminder that the sword is there. It's part of doing the time for the offence, and the longer it goes on, the longer one does the time. The time on bail is a very quiet extortion of the soul. – how’s this for a great service?

Okay, so you’ve misplaced the key for your RV, or maybe for your truck tool box? Happens all the time. You look everywhere, and even contact the company to get a replacement. Sadly, they don’t have one, your RV is too old, or your truck toolbox was purchased ages ago? These guys can find the key for it. I went online to and entered in the information that I knew, and voila (yep, that means there it is) the new key was delivered to me for a grand total of about 7 dollars. A great price, great service, how’s that for identifying a need and meeting it? Well done guys!